Sickly the Slug
Sex Female
Age Late 20's
Status Deceased

Sickly the Slug (Also known as Sylvia J. Reginald) was one of the first patients and prisoners of the Asylum. Not much is known about her.



Sylvia J. Reginald was an aspiring artist in Pennsylvania. Her painting hobbies did not last long, however. One week after her 24th birthday, her father was murdered by an unknown member of NASHTRON. She swore revenge on this group, so she took on the alias of "Sickly the Slug". In order to get the costume she wanted, she robbed a boutique and when the cops caught her, she painted their faces and swore at them 100 times, so they decided to bring her to the Asylum. When in the Asylum, she forced people to call her Sickly the Slug because that is what she was. And if someone called her anything else, she would murder them by forcing paint down their throats. She became relatively close with LelilaOrganaSolo.


On the official day of cleaning at the Asylum, Sickly brought Lelila into her cell to reveal the beautiful artwork she had been making. It turned out to be splats of paint with hate words to NASHTRON, and other explicit things. Lelila felt worried for her friend and recommended letting it out in a different way, but Sickly refused. The next day Sickly the Slug was found dead in her cell with a half-drunken cup of paint. Sickly's life was a sad one, and she never did fulfill her goal of revenge on NASHTRON.