Sex Female
Age Unknown
Status Deceased

Lotus is a former member of NASHTRON and former mermaid. Not much is known about her.



Lotus was a mermaid long ago and was kicked out of her Mercave for having children with all the kings horses and all the kings men. Her father got a magic potion and turned her into a human so she could get her diseases out of the sea. When on land she had even more kids and sold her kids to another kings horses and a different kings men... Whom she had kids with. One of her sons was part snake so she decided to keep him so she could have more snake kids with him, but eventually her son, Pythor, ate her. Also during her life, she was a member of NASHTRON, but her part in NASHTRON was unknown. It is assumed that she kept the men happy by helping them make business, even doing business with them.