Sex Female
Age Unknown
Status Assassin

Kira26 (Also known as Kira or The Obliterator) is an assassin and member of The Fang Gang.



Kira is an assassin and has been since early childhood, starting off by killing her mother. No one knows much about her true identity. She is a member of The Fang Gang, a group of trained assassins formerly working for the government. She is only seen in a mech suit, where she works best with heightened speed and strength. The only person who has ever seen her true face (and lived) is her good friend, Zaney2522. She has earned the name "The Obliterator" by some.

Mech SuitsEdit

Kira has gone through many mech suits, each one created by a different person. Here you can find a list of them.

Mech Suit 01 - Her original mech suit, created by her. It was completely black and made of metal. She only used this suit for 2 months before finding out that it was physically unstable.

Mech Suit 02 - This suit was created by a rich professor who worked for the government. It was designed after a naked woman and though Kira did not approve of the design, she wore it anyway. She used for another 2 months until it was heavily damaged in a mission.

Mech Suit WP - Mech Suit WP (Waterproof) was designed by Kira and made by Agent Spy. The design was similar to a mermaid but with legs instead of a tail fin. And, as the name implies, the suit was waterproof. After learning that Agent Spy was never really working for the government she soon disposed of the suit and hired someone new to remake it.

Mech Suit WP2 - This suit was made by the former vice president of the United States. It has the same features as Mech Suit WP, except with faster performance. This suit was used longer than any other suit, 1 year. When Kira and the other members of the Fang Gang lost affiliations with the government, she disposed of this suit and had another suit made.

Mech Suit V - Mech Suit V was once again designed by Kira and built by , along with help from other people. The suit was designed after her original suit except more stable. It had a fang symbol going down the helmet. She used this suit for 4 months before the jet boosters backfired and took off the backside of the suit.

Mech Suit 5W4G - Model 5W4G, Kira's current suit, was designed by her and Zaney. It was built by Darius shortly before he died. It is silver and black with more movable clothing than just armor. It also has comes with two weapon holders and a rocket arm. She has been using this suit for almost a year.