Sex Male
Age Unknown
Status Patient/Prisoner
Family (See Family)

Benboy755 (Also known as Benboy, or Ben) is a patient and prisoner in the Up-State Asylum. He has been there longer than any other inmate.


Early LifeEdit

Benboy was born in █████, Michigan. He had a safe delivery and had a good childhood until his mother, Lilac Neko, broke up with the father, Skulduggery. After the break-up, Skul and Ben moved to Delaware and they both became druggies. When Ben was 10 years old, Skul was hit by a train and was transported to Canada, leaving young Ben to fight for himself. Ben made lots of girlfriends and had his first child at age 16, and starred on the hit reality show, 16 and Pregnant. His girlfriend (who shall not be named) dumped him because he was secretly dating 3 other women. He was kicked out of the girl's house and lived on the streets.

Thug Life and NASHTRONEdit

Ben didnt choose the thug life, the thug life chose him. Without a house, all of his female friends broke up with him and he was poor and lonely on the streets of DE. He got his food from dumpsters and made money off of selling stolen goods to other thug groups. He eventually joined the group known as NASHTRON after becoming good friends with their leader, Edward Nigma. Unfortunately, Ben's time with NASHTRON did not last long, as the thug life is not what he wanted. So after he left, Legofanyoda turned Ben into authorities and Benboy was taken to the Up-State Asylum.

Asylum LifeEdit

When Ben was turned in to the Asylum, it had just started and he was one of the few prisoners, along with Sickly the Slug and LelilaOrganaSolo. Ben recognized Lelila from when he was a teenager and realized that she was one if his past girlfriends. After getting back together, Lelila tells Ben that she was pregnant but she never remembers giving birth. They soon find out that their son was actually Firebreather1210, whom they later met at the Asylum.